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Thread: Samsung S380c No Text Alert

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    Samsung S380c No Text Alert

    As the title says when I receive a text message there is no alert sound. --I've checked what I believe are the relevant settings under both sound settings and message settings but this has not fixed the problem.

    This problem also happens with the very similar but older Samsung R355c but it can be easily fixed by turning off the phone, pulling the battery and letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, reinserting the battery and powering it back on. This does not fix the S380c.

    The phone is new enough google only has answers from all the very not helpful "", "", etc --which means NO answers.

    Anybody with ideas????

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    Samsung S380C Text message alerts not repeating Tracfone. found path to change it

    Samsung S380C Text message alerts not repeating Tracfone.
    After 4 weeks of struggle found correct path to set Text alert settings.
    Go to Menu, Message, scroll down to (7)message setting, general, Scroll down to (6)Message Alerts, the choices are Once, 2 minutes, 15 minutes,or Off.

    Mine came set for once from factory
    The location of the setting is not where I put it very deep and out of the way..
    Was going buy a differnt phone. Now it is a keeper.
    The below is extra info and for those doing searches
    Minute beep in settings has no effect on text alerts.Tried it.
    My phone was bought in Aug 2013 do not know if it was firmware updated / changed since first shipped.

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