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Thread: Drop the name

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    Wow. So some revolutionary software feature is going to "MAKE" the X phone? And it's suggested it is some ground breaking google service consolidating thing? In one respect I could see crafty software helping a phone out a lot in the market, but in another this seems like a wildly oversold rumor.

    As an aside...I use the S-Pen more and more as time goes by. It's going to be hard to leave a digitizer behind. One particularly handy use is when you have to sign and return documents and now no longer have ANY reason to print, sign, scan, and e-mail or fax. Something I can't do on any of my PC's since I haven't yet purchased a PC Tablet with digitizer since that was REALLY niche until the last few months with Windows 8.

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    Re: Drop the name

    I'm far more interested in the hardware aspects of Moto's next big release. Some ground breaking Google service consolidating thing can be counted on to serve Google's needs much better than it serves mine. Now that I can't buy an app without signing up for Google Wallet and I can't comment in the PlayPlace without a Google+ account. Still gotta have gmail to activate Android. For me, that's a little too much Google-gargling down my throat for my tastes. I'm becoming quite disenchanted with the whole Google "user-experience" thing.

    Today, I went into settings [google/("privacy"!)/ads] and unchecked the "Google AdMob ads" option on my CM10 S3, then I watched as a few seconds later the check, unbidden and of its own accord, magically reappeared! I did this a few times to see if I could catch the trick but I never quite figured it out — "crafty software" indeed. I just 'checked' — it's still there, Anyway, I guess it means that my handset is controlled by the Google (ad)Mob.
    Learning Android root on my SGSIII while waiting for Ubuntu Phone OS.

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