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Thread: Walmart topup purchase no worky

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    Walmart topup purchase no worky

    Three days ago I purchased a $40 VM topup from Walmart. 30 minutes later I got an e-mail saying they had a processing error and had to cancel it. The e-mail invited me to reply to it to get assistance. I did, but I got no reply from them. Today I tried again with the same result. What's up with that?

    I bought a topup from them last month with no problems.

    I logged on to my PayPal account and didn't see anything wrong. I did see Walmart's cancelled item.

    Just now I went to and bought the card with PayPal and it worked, so it seems PayPal isn't the problem.

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    Wal Mart has very sensitive anti-fraud measures in their online site. I've had trouble ordering physical goods from them. When you hit a fraud tripwire, they tend not to give straight answers, either. There may not be a way to fix this. Wait a month or more and try again - it might work the next time. If you try again right away, it just makes the fraud algorithm more suspicious.

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    Thanks Churner. That could be it. Last month I wasn't suspicious because I bought a topup from them last month with no problem. I'm probably getting more suspicious looking in my old age.

    And I'm running out of places to buy topups. has been off the air for the last week or two. Callingmart is always good but they charge a premium.

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