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Thread: Samsung galaxy s3 to revol wireless

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    Samsung galaxy s3 to revol wireless

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    __________________________________________________ __________________

    ALLINONE TORRENT (root and flash):
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Download (torrent): (go here to get the torrent file from my site):


    Root and unrooting file:

    Samsung S3 Toolkit

    Flashing Software:
    QXDM 3.12 Build 714
    QPST 2.7 Build 366
    CDMA WORKSHOP 2.7 + Demo
    Z4cell app (support us)

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    A Doner phone and knowing the spc to it.
    Download Allinone torrent above. (Use Utorrent)
    ROOTED Galaxy S3
    Get My MSL(SPC Code)

    Take note:
    * I have flashed a Samsung Galaxy S3 L710 (Sprint) device over to Revol Wireless.
    * This is only to get Data (1x internet), MMS, Call & Text.
    * I will not be held responsible if you BRICK your device.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    1) Start with downloading and unzipping the ALLinone torrent above.
    2) Navigate to the Samsung S3 Toolkit and install.
    (This is not my toolkit. You can get newer copys from
    or just update threw the program itself.)
    3) Install the drivers and root you Galaxy S3. Make sure you choose your model or you can hard brick you phone. (Samsung S3 Toolkit)
    4) Natvagate and Install: * QXDM 3.12 Build 714 (Can not be installed on WINDOWS 8!!! I had to install a Virtual Machine and a copy of xp)
    * QPST 2.7 Build 366
    * CDMA WORKSHOP 2.7 + Demo (Just unzip with winrar. WARNING 2.7 CRACK IS NOT A VIRUS, just a false positive)
    * DFS (This really wasn't needed but still a good tool to have)

    After You have everything installed and your S3 rooted you will be ready for the next few steps.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    (Make sure you are on the Galaxy S3 Stock rom and have root)
    1) Download and install Get my Msl apps from the play store.
    2) Go to your dial pad and type ##data# Click edit and type a random 6 digit number.
    3) Then click home WITHOUT EXITING any other way, then open up Get My Msl.
    4) Click the Get my MSL and you will see a 6 digit number. Write that down. Its your SPC code.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    1) Dial ##3424#
    2) Select PDA, MTP + ADB. Restart your phone.
    3) Dial ##3424#
    4) Select CDMA Modem, DM+MODEM+ADB.
    5) Click home and your in Diagnostic mode.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    1) Connect Your S3 and turn usb Debugging + Unknown Sources. Which you should have already when you rooted your Device.
    2) Open up QPST Configuration and add ports. Add all ports and make sure it comes up as your S3. The ESN might look like ?80****** but dont worrie about that. QPST is only used to get QXDM to read your S3. (Remember your com port)
    3) Exit QPST and open CDMA WS 2.7 (click crack.exe only) or Demo.
    4) Connect and read the com port.
    5) Go to the Security tab and send the SPC code you wrote down.
    6) Exit CDMA WS and do not reset phone.
    Open QXDM and connect to port.

    7) Once you S3 is fully setup to QXDM type these commands:

    password 01F2030F5F678FF9 (ENTER)
    RequestNVItemRead meid (ENTER) RequestNVItemWrite meid 0x00A***********

    (This is were you put your meid number from your doner phone. Use if you need to can a esn or dec meid to a hex meid (A00000********. So it should look like 0x00A***********) ENTER

    RequestNVItemRead MEID (ENTER, Should match your doner)
    RequestNVItemRead ESN (ENTER, Should match your doner)
    RequestNVItemRead SCM

    8) Exit out of QXDM and now your ESN/MEID is the same as your doner.

    Please take the battery out of you doner. For the rest of the flash you will only need to know your MIN and MDN number. Which for revol is the same as your phone number. Most company's the Mdn is your phone number and the Min is a 10 digit number you will have to get off your doner.

    Just to tell you:
    I will not tell you how to get the SPC code, Min, Mdn or ESN/MEID from your doner phone. That is on you.
    Most of the time you just need the SPC code (most phones are 000000) and a copy of cdma ws to get alot of the info.
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    1) First we need to connect our S3 to CDMA WS Demo or 2.7. (I used the DEMO)
    2) Send Samsung Default Password and your SPC code to your S3 under security tab.

    3) Back to the main tab. Do not read the phone. Type in your phone number for the min and mdn. 4) Change roaming to Home only and CDMA ONLY Mode. Click write.

    (CDMA ONLY mode can be changed useing lte on/off htc tool in the play store too.)
    5) Goto and type [email protected] and Generate For 2.7 or 3.5. Depending on if your using 2.7 or the demo.
    6) Under Memory tab, Write the txt file to NV idems the you got from white rabbit.
    7) Under Other tab Write this PRL to NAM1 and NAM2:
    Its Straight talks PRL but its alot better signal for REVOL WIRELESS.

    Next reboot the phone and connect it to CDMA ws. Send the SPC and read the phone. If the MDN and the MIN did not change, apply setting above again. They did stay the first time I flashed them.

    Try texting and call.
    Try receiving texts and calls.

    See if you see 1x at the top. If not try browsing the internet.
    IF you see a 3g simble after this flash. You are not in CDMA only mode.
    (You need the AAA and HA keys to be able to use 3g. The 3g icon will show but you will not have internet.)
    If you do not have internet , just apply the MMS settings below with a few extra settings I will post below.
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    1) Dial ##data# or ##786#
    2) Input settings below. If you cant send mms just download go sms from the playstore.

    MMS Settings:
    Profile Name: Revol MMS
    MMSC: http/
    User: [email protected]
    Password: revol
    If 1x isnt working apply to and ha ip.
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Take note that this should work for other networks if:
    You have a active doner you can get the
    *Data setting

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    NEED any help:

    Z4cell APP
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