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Thread: HP sells WebOS to LG

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    HP sells WebOS to LG

    Wow, looks like LG just bought WebOS from HP. Apparently they're going to use WebOS on their SmartTV's.

    This means that when HP gets back into the tablet/phone market they're probably not going to use WebOS. Is this the first step in HP selling off their PC and hardware business? Also, while LG is going to use it in their TV's and other connected devices will this affect their focus on Android?

    Also, for existing WebOS users:

    LG will assume stewardship of the open source projects of Open WebOS and Enyo. HP will retain ownership of all of Palm’s cloud computing assets, including source code, talent, infrastructure and contracts.
    HP will continue to support Palm users.
    Of course, part of me wonders what would have happened if LG (or anyone else) had purchased WebOS in the first place instead of HP?

    Here's the release.

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    What made me enjoy using WebOS so much was the swipey goodness; not sure how that's supposed to translate to a TV. Still, glad to see someone at least trying to pick up the ball HP dropped so completely.

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    This: "HP used a fairly standard set of hardware in the Slate7. A 1.6 GHz dual-core chip powers the Android 4.1 device..."

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