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Thread: add airtime pin to reserve

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    add airtime pin to reserve

    New to net10 but not tracfone. I decided to buy an airtime pin from callingmart to put in my reserve, so I would be ahead of the game. Got the Pin without a hitch but when I try to add airtime or the net10 website and get an error has occured. I called the 1877 number and the representative said he added the pin number to my reserve, but i have no comfirmation number and it didn't update anything I could find on my account. I still shows my service end date of 4/5/2013. Any advice or tips would really be appreciated.

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    I am having a similar issue with adding a $25 monthly 750 minute pin purchased from Pinzoo
    to the 2 phones on my Net10 account. I tried adding the air pin online, but received an error message and
    had to call customer service. The next time, I tried to add the pin directly on the phone and once again,
    I got a message saying that I had to call customer service, which I did. There is no way to see (either
    online or on the phone) what is in your reserve, as far as I know, the only way to confirm that a pin
    is in your reserve is to call customer service (my average wait time has been between 5-10 minutes). I have been on the Net10 plan for less than a month, so I am anxious to see if the pin I have in reserve will be automatically added to the phone once my current service days run out.

    In general, I have been satisfied with the service, the phone works, I have had no dropped calls or service interruptions and the 750 minute monthly plan fits my needs perfectly. But I have been able to do absolutely nothing on their website, from porting over the phone numbers from Verizon, to activating the phones and adding airtime. Everything so far has required sometimes lengthy calls to customer service. The 750 minute monthly is also more complicated than one might think, if you select auto-renew and run out of minutes before all your service days are used up, it will not auto-renew. I confirmed this on the phone with them. So I decided the better route to go was to buy pin numbers online (for $24.49 from Pinzoo with no tax) and to put them in reserve, so if you ever use up all 750 minutes before your service days are used up you can just pull a pin out of reserve and receive another 750 minutes or 30 days of service. In about 5 days, I will know if my plan actually works. I don't know if I want to have to continue calling them each month, not exactly on my list of favorite things to do!

    Has anyone out there found a better way of dealing the $25 monthly plan?

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