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Thread: Galaxy S4 Unlocked?

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    Galaxy S4 Unlocked?

    So as probably everyone knows, the galaxy S4 was announced yesterday. I know it'll come available unlocked, but my only concern is it would be the international version, which means no LTE on AT&T. I plan on eventually going to AT&T so, it would be awesome to buy the AT&T version of the S4, use it on straight talk now and eventually migrate over. I always wondered, is it possible to just go to AT&T and buy the phone without a plan or anything? The only thing I like about apple is I can go to their Apple store, buy the unlocked phone AND a protection plan. What about Samsung? I don't think they have something equivalent to Apple care? I guess I just want the AT&T version with an extra warranty, how is that possible? How was it possible with the S3. Since we don't even have the price of the S4

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    I think you can go into any ATT store and tell them you want it out of contract, but I think it depends on what rep you get because Im sure some might make you sign up for one. Then again idk if you can even buy a phone from ATT without having an account with them.

    What I did with my att locked s3 is I got it from amazon mobile and bought the att version. That worked out better for me than trying to convince some rep I wanted just the phone. This way I still got a new, att version of the phone AND I didnt have to pay tax on it :]

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