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Thread: iMessage via WiFi for iPhone 4 with SpeakOut?

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    iMessage via WiFi for iPhone 4 with SpeakOut?

    Hi, I currently have a Rogers-locked iPhone 4 that's using a PetroCanada SIM card, without any kind of browsing added on--I can access data over WiFi only. Activating iMessage and Facetime has been wonky. I've got Facetime working perfectly fine even though it says that it was "unsuccessful activating", and iMessage doesn't work at all, although it seemed to work briefly when I first tried to set up the phone--again, it says "Unsuccessful activating".

    I do understand that these types of activation issues are due to the lack of support for short code SMS as is required to activate.

    My question is--if I were to get a SpeakOut SIM and port my iPhone over to SpeakOut, will iMessage/Facetime work properly over plain old WiFi? I've done a lot of research on this, but all the answers seem to be conflicting. People keep saying it "should" work, but has anyone actually tried it and verified that it DOES work?

    Again, I would only want/need to use these over Wifi, not cellular.

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    nope, i dont think imessage works with a speakout data plan ie that 3g HSPA monthly browsing,iMessage only works on wifi i think

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