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Thread: Samsung S380C help

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    Samsung S380C help

    I went ahead and bought a straight talk phone the Samsung S380C model (kind of looks like the Samsung Freeform) figured I need something for work and this will suffice.
    Anyway, I got it activated and have had no problems making, receiving calls, texts, accessing internet, etc. The one problem I have experienced is trying to set notifications. I have the phone set for incoming calls and can hear the ringtone fine, but texts is another story. I get no kind of vibration or sound notification so the only way I know there is a text is if I see the envelope icon on the screen. No help in the manual and it should be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Well I emailed support and was told that Samsung designed this phone to not give audible notifications for texts nor vibration alerts. This doesn't make sense because why is there a place in the settings menu to set a notification for texts? The last time I dealt with customer service on something like this I was told by a rep in a cell phone store with Alltel was Motorola had developed new software to prohibit users from using their own ringtones even though the software Phone tools was still available for sale on their website. I didn't believe it then and I am having trouble believing this now.

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    Samsung S380C Text message alerts not repeating Tracfone.
    After 4 weeks of struggle found correct path to set Text alert settings.
    Go to Menu, Message, scroll down to (7)message setting, general, Scroll down to (6)Message Alerts, the choices are Once, 2 minutes, 15 minutes,or Off.
    The location of the setting is not where I put it very deep and out of the way.
    Was going buy a differnt phone. Now it is a keeper.
    The below is extra info and for those doing searches
    Minute beep in setting has no effect on text alerts.Tried it.
    My phone was bought in Aug 2013 do not know if it was firmware updated / changed since first shipped.

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