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Thread: Official Sprint BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Device) Blacklist

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    Official Sprint BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Device) Blacklist

    Power Source/IDEN/CDMA – The “iDEN side” of the device tries to relentlessly register unsuccessfully on the iDEN
    network causing network congestion and impacting device battery life
    » 13K Vocoder – Due to Network Vision these devices will not work
    » Q-Chat – The device tries to continually ping a Q-Chat server on the network to register unsuccessfully, but cannot,
    and resulting network congestion and poor battery life
    » Virgin Mobile - Virgin Mobile devices are not eligible
    » 2G – 2G voice network has been replaced by 2.5G 1XRTT voice and data network
    » Palm – These devices try to register at Palm and get stuck on the Palm registration screen and cannot be advanced
    » Boost Mobile - Boost Mobile devices are not eligible
    » RIM – RIM devices are not eligible. There are also technical issues with using RIM devices as the MVNO would not
    have an RIM assigned BB REG ID to provision the device
    » iPhone - iPhone devices are not eligible
    » Ready Link/PTT – The devices try to keep registering on the Readylink server unsuccessfully causing unnecessary
    network congestion and poor battery life.
    » Active Sprint devices – Devices are not eligible
    » 4G device restrictions
    • WiMAX – MVNO must have WiMAX language in their MVNO Agreement and will need to agree to certain
    conditions via an email sent from Sprint Wholesale prior to WiMAX/CDMA devices being part of the BYOSD
    program; devices will require provisioning for both WiMAX and CDMA for activation and the Realm must be
    manually changed
    • LTE – MVNO must have LTE language in their MVNO Agreement prior to LTE/CDMA devices being part of the
    BYOSD program

    Sprint says this list is subject to change.

    I activated a local cdma regional mvno that operates mostly on Sprint via byosd on Eco Mobile. It was an ancient cdma phone from 2004 with AMPS (ancient defunct analog channel) and it works fine for talk/text.

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    I activated my wife's phone on Eco Mobile as well. Very happy with the savings! Perfect for talk & text and the data works fine. She doesn't stream music or use any other heavy data hungry services. No issues with coverage in San Diego on Sprint's network.

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    I activated a Sprint Dura XT, probably the best flip phone currently made, on EcoMobile Pay as You go. No problems activating or porting my number. Plus you get a $5 credit when you activate. They've got good customer service, both call in and online chat.


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    Wouldn't it have been easier to have a list of the phones they WOULD let you use.
    trying to come up with better signature.......

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    Clean esn Sprint Windows mobile/phone, Android, featurephones , Sprint other mvno phones (total call, ready mobile, sti, etc), and all wimax/lte phones except the iphone/blackberries/ptt. I think that covers 90% of what will work.

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    Sprint are blocking now the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, or any of the newer iconic Sprint Devices with Sprint’s Bring Your Own Device Program as of November 15, 2013 , No idea if Sprint want to lose that customers , but NONE will be stop this customer flash to Big Red network, will be dumb blocking that devices and give the business to Big Red...Even the iPhone 4 Block is Dumb idea, everyone flash over NextG/Pageplus/Selectel and the 4s and news models get setup on Tmobile - ATT network...

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