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Thread: WiFi - Huawei Ascend II - no ST service days left?

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    Question WiFi - Huawei Ascend II - no ST service days left?

    Is it possible to use a Straight Talk Ascend II on WiFi if there are no ST cellular service days left? ISTR reading somewhere that ST had tied WiFi data to cellular data availability.

    If not possible, can anyone recommend a really cheap solution for very occasional WiFi data/VOIP access?

    (Don't need much cellular access now -- Ting would be optimal carrier when my Tracfone sub. runs out -- but ST has a great deal on refurb Ascend II that would be perfect for WiFi-only needs. I'd rather wait to buy a Ting phone for about six months.)

    Added: From the Huawei manual via Straight Talk --

    7.1 Turning on the Data Service
    1. Touch > Settings.
    2. Touch Wireless & networks > Mobile networks.
    3. Select the Data enabled check box to turn on the data connection.

    7.2 Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi gives you wireless access to broadband Internet. To use Wi-Fi on your
    mobile phone, you must have an access to wireless access points (hotspots).
    Obstacles that block the Wi-Fi signal will reduce its strength.

    7.2.1 Turning On Wi-Fi
    1. Touch > Settings.
    2. Touch Wireless & networks, and then select the Wi-Fi check box to turn
    on Wi-Fi.
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    there is no reason the wifi won't work alone without service. I do not know the type messages you might get from the phone about no service. wifi should work fine. you likely will be required to buy one month of service to buy phone. that's the case sometimes. sometimes not.

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