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Thread: DEADLINES and why i hate them

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    DEADLINES and why i hate them

    here looks like a good place i couldn't find a general complaint/rant forums if there is one please move this there and let me know where i can find it this is cheaper than a therapist and just as effective i suppose i should start back when it all began with dialup service at $19.95/mo in 2002 average use? dedicated line 100MB usage per day average (roughly 3GB per month) normal speed 53.2 or something some time in 2005 my isp changed their dial in number "because att discontinued their virtual pops service" this number also happened to be the same number netzero used for their service the new number turned out to not support a constant connection i called my isp and ask why i am being disconnected every 2 hours and 45 minutes they said it was not a dedicated line so i asked how much that would be they said they did not currently offer a dedicated service so i said i would like to cancel my service.......and then i immediately signed up with net zero for $4.95/mo wow same exact service just $15 cheaper per month even got to keep the same dialup number now
    we even had wifi you remember the wiflyer wireless dialup yeah i had one of those so i could share with the other 3 people in the family also around this time i decided i needed narrowband on the go so i purchased at the exorbitant rate of $9/mo qnc service at the blazing speed of 14.4kbps i mean you could download a jpg at a slightly faster pace than you could mail it but i cant really complain about the qnc service it was always rock solid reliable worked well anywhere i could get as much as a partial bar of service at one point i found out that i could get edge service with cingular for only $20/mo tethering so i went by att and bought a 6230 got the media net plan for $19 the month after that was published just to be told by att that the plan i needed to be able to tether had been discontinued DEADLINES and it would be another $60 something to have internet so i returned the phone to att asap (3 days later) after all that i ended up with satellite internet at the rate of $79/mo for 22Gb of switched to 17gb a month later and no it wasn't a promotional thing they changed the terms for everyone using it 1 month after i signed up DEADLINES so after suffering for 3 years through the fact that 4 people use about 20gb per month on average somewhere around the time the alltel verizon merger was announced i got 2 alltel datacards um175al model and everything was great same speed of satellite connection much more reliable about 1.5 years later i needed to have a 4th line and verizon said my account had a maximum of 5 lines....(the data cards don't actually count but their computer system said it did) so we converted one of the cards into a phone which later caused problems because that line didn't have caller id some time in the middle of 2012 i start getting notices that verizon was going to be shutting off alltel's data network so i being proactive trying to head off problems use google and find all i need to do is replace my um175al with a um175vw (verizons model) and i wont have any problems DEADLINES so thats what i do unknowingly screwing myself out of any possibility of ever using 4g
    In 2013, Verizon Wireless will be retiring the portion of the former Alltel Data Network (referred to as Alltel DNR) it now owns and operates. This will impact customers who use Alltel-branded Mobile Broadband (MBB) devices.
    Alltel Mobile Broadband Upgrade Offer encourages select customers using data on their Alltel-branded Mobile Broadband devices to upgrade to a Verizon Wireless device with special equipment offers.

    Offers will be available 10/1/12 through 3/31/13.
    Customers with Alltel-branded MBB devices are invited to upgrade to a free Verizon Wireless 4G USB Modem or Jetpack.
    4G Pantech UML290 (UML290VW-G)
    4G LTE VZW USB551L USB Modem (USB551L)
    4G Jetpack (MiFi4620L or EUFI890L)
    MBB customers who are In-Contract and would like to keep their unlimited data plan, must be changed to the following VZW 4G Unlimited Plan"
    and now i made the same mistake again last month i get this nice phone call says hey have you heard about fiber optic internet? were trying to phase out dsl service DEADLINES and would like to know if you would be interested in switching (this is at the family buisness) and they convince me to upgrade from my nice stable dsl connection thats been slinking along at 3mbps since 2008 (even if i was on my 3rd 2210) to this new fiber optic uverse service at 12Mbps and for only $10 a month and i wouldn't need those ugly dsl filters anymore... well guess what? uverse is not fiber optic in my area its just dsl with a fancy name did i mention the nvg510 modem att installed has been a constant pita? always nagging about dsl filters and how it just lost sync and dropped down to from 4Mbps to 1.9Mbps hijacking my browsers and all that my line will not support 12Mbps im over 9000 feet from the central hub and it can just barely do 6Mbps 75% of the time the rest of the time it runs at 5.3Mbps (thats sync rate not speed test) this saturday it was only running at 1.9Mbps i mean wth? normal dsl worked fine at 3mbps!

    so if ive learned anything its to wait up to and past the last second make sure your provider has to make the first move because if they get you to budge first your screwed

    sorry ive just got to put this in i just realized i use more than Over 90% of vzw's Smartphone customers per month on friggin dialup and even then still more than Verizon Wireless data devices do on average between 1 and 2 GBs of data a month i think
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