A good year and a half ago I picked up a used G1 with the idea of using it with this app http://www.hamiltoncaptel.com/smartp...at_is_app.html but then a different one came out for a different carrier other than T-Mobile that has a larger coverage area around me and I didn’t follow through on using this. Although, I did go so far as to get a SIM etc. for it on the $3 per day deal but have not put any funds into it.

I have now pulled it out because a glitch that I thought was me with the other app is instead caused by fluctuating speed even if a fast enough signal. I have gotten it to charge but am having problems really getting into it. At one point I discovered that I could not wake it up once the screen went dark. I was able to extend that time but not keep it on indefinitely. I seem to have hit something very wrong somewhere along the line as it will come up with the logo but I can now go no further.

At one point I did get to phone settings (that I can no longer reach) and found the following which may have additional errors in it because of needing to read my scribble from the time I put it down and didn't know I was was not going to get to return to it:

Android 2.3.2
Baseband 62.505F2C17U_2.22.27.08
Kernel Cyanogenomod + root @ pershoot-ubuntu2
Mod version Ginger yoshi 1.0R05.2
Build number GRH78

I hope the above helps someone help me because I know nothing about modifying cell phones!