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Thread: Transfering service from one phone to a recently deactivated phone?

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    Transfering service from one phone to a recently deactivated phone?

    Hello guys,

    As you can see, I'm new to the forums, so go easy on me as I'm not very well-versed in cell phones. This is a bit of a specific question to my situation, so I wasn't really sure how to search it. Anyway, moving on.

    I recently purchased a phone that I am going to be using to switch service providers, but I have a Samsung S390G that I am currently using that has about 2700 minutes and service until 1/20/2014. I was planning on porting my number out to my new Page Plus phone, but there I have two potential situations involving my Mom's Tracfone service. I do understand that if I port my number out, the minutes and service days remain on the phone for 30 days or something?

    1. So the first situation is that she wants to keep her phone and service but wants to transfer my old minutes and service days to her phone. Is this possible to do, considering both phones are on my account on Tracfone's website? I guess my question is does it work to call Tracfone and have them transfer all the days and minutes from the deactivated phone to her active phone? (My Dad actually transferred his minutes to my phone, but I don't remember if it transferred the service days....)

    Ex.: My Days/Minutes > Her Phone; My Service + Her Service?

    2. The second situation is that she wants to use my deactivated phone instead of her phone. Would it be possible to transfer her service (minutes and days) to my (what will be) deactivated phone and add those days and minutes to the balance on my phone?

    Ex.: Her Service > My Phone; Her Service to re-activate My Phone?

    I don't know if either of these options is possible, or if it would be better to call Tracfone. Could any of you point me in the right direction? Getting new numbers is a last resort for me...I don't want the hassle of getting my new number out to everyone I know. (I'm sure someone here understands this)

    P.S. What number should I use to call Tracfone so I get someone who actually fluently speaks English?

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    Minutes and days always transfer together because it is a package airtime deal. The transferred airtime adds to whatever is already there, just as if you had added a card.

    You will get the best advice for all this rearranging if you call the best CS at 305-715-6500. A receptionist should answer. If not, hang up and redial.

    After you find out how to work the Tracfones, ask Page Plus to get your number.

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