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Thread: issue sending email without 4g signal

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    issue sending email without 4g signal

    I have verizon email account but can't send out an email on my Samsung indulge when the signal is not 4G. I can't seem to get a good 4G signal while at work most of the time. Called MPCS but they couldn't help much. Any ideas out there? Thanks.

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    sorry to hear that but im afraid metro has ditched the samsung indulge long ago and barely ever help customers. I gave my friend my indulge as soon as they released the Lg esteem he had a good time with it for a while then all of the sudden no more 4g im thinking metro is playing dirty and also the indulge uses an old obsolete uicc sim card not like cat 3 uicc simcards we are now using currently on majority of the 4g Lte android phones on the line up. theres no solution for ur phone unless u want to switch to 3g for data then i suggest u use anycut and make a short cut for Lte functionality test from there turn off 4g and it should instantly go to 3g if not reboot and check again.
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