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Thread: back-up for Samsung Reverb

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    back-up for Samsung Reverb

    How do I back-up my information? I took some photographs and would like to do some editing, but would feel better if I knew I had a back-up.

    Read the manual, but it concerns me when I start seeing things that talk about resetting. Hopefully after I get a little more time under my belt with this phone I won't be such a wimp!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Android does not have any real good backup built in like iOS had itunes. You will need to look at 3rd part apps. However if all you are needing is backup of images.. just copy them either to another folder, or to your pc using the USB link.

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    You can use Google Picasa sync I assume? There may be a setting under accounts & sync... go to the google account there ... you might be able to set what you want to sync automatically.. ie: contacts, gmail, calender, picasa and others.

    That's how my Net10 Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is, anyhow.

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