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Thread: OT: 5% rewards paying your Verizon bill with US Bank VISA card

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    OT: 5% rewards paying your Verizon bill with US Bank VISA card

    Just stumbled upon this VISA rewards credit card that recently added "Cell Phone" as one of its 5% rewards categories. And Verizon is one of the carriers supported. So if you're willing to pay your cell phone monthly bill with this no-fee credit card you are effectively getting 5% off your monthly Verizon phone bill. The 5% apparently also applies to phone and accessory purchases from Verizon. And if you take your rewards in $100 increments you get an additional $25 for an effective reward of 6.25% (assuming all purchases were from 5% categories). You also get to choose one additional 5% category and one 2% category per quarter.

    Unless I'm missing something this seems like a no-brainer card to have. It does require excellent credit to obtain however.

    Review of the card:

    And Captain Obvious reminds: Of course this assumes you pay off your credit card each month. If you ever carry a balance this is not the card for you.

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    I actually have the card and have been very satisfied with it (except for the part where they removed the 5% back on utility payments (electric, water, natural gas, etc.) last year.)

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