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Thread: Was my offer withdrawn?

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    Was my offer withdrawn?

    I completed my background check on May 6 and took the drug test on May 7. The manager said that the start date for the job would probably be around the 16/17th, but I have not heard of them yet. I am starting to think that they found something on my background check.. but I really have not committed any criminal acts. I am completely drug free. Which process takes the longest? The background check, or the drug test? I am really worried, but I don't want to call them yet. Maybe at the end of the week. Should it be taking this long? I realized that the job posting for the position I was offered it listed back on the sprint career website. However, my status online still says "under consideration" despite the manager verbally informing me that they would like to offer me the position..

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    call? I'd talk to the recruiter involved or the manager you interviewed with.

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