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Thread: Unlock Tracfone S390G?

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    Unlock Tracfone S390G?

    Hello. i have a Samsung S390G for Net10 and i want to unlock it
    so it can be used with any Sim from any network.

    if you need the IMEI Checksum,ICC-ID,Random Number
    please send me a PM.

    i just want the Unlock Code for the phone...Thanks!

    i used to have crappy 1MB plan from Fairpoint , now i got Comcast WooHoo!

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    The software/firmware is customized for Tracfone/Net10. It will be incompatible with other networks because the airtime timer cannot be disabled. It will continue to function and when it gets to zero, the phone will quit. There is no unlock code anyway. The phone is also not worth any drastic intervention, in my opinion. I would just get a real smartphone for cheap somewhere. My opinion, I did not like this phone when I tried it.

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