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Thread: Questions about the Samsung S390G

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    Questions about the Samsung S390G

    I have a few questions about the Samsung S390G Cell phone provided by Net10.

    1. Can you change the Default browser?
    2. Where can you Go to find good Java Apps?
    3. How can I sync my Google Calendar with my Samsung Calendar?

    I would appericate any and all help the anyone can give me on either of these subjects. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    You can download several Java browsers. I use both Opera Mini and UCBrowser. However, you do run into some problems on the S390G, as I describe below.

    RE: the Samsung S390G, does anybody know how to disable the constant notifications you get when accessing the phone's operating system or network? The built-in browser is terrible, so I installed both Opera Mini and UC Browser. They work great for viewing pages, but whenever I try to download a file, I first get several (10-12) messages asking me to confirm that it's OK for UC Browser to access the data network. Then, once I've hit OK 10-12 times, and it gets ready to download the file, it again goes through the warnings, this time warning me that UC Browser wants to access the phone's data, and wants me to hit OK anywhere from 4-100 times before the file is finally downloaded. There's gotta be a way to disable these warnings.

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