Now I'm 22 and I've been with Boost mobile off and on (mostly on with about two years off thus no phone) since I was 15. Unfortunately it was no longer cool to have boost as all my friends had "real" services and all I had to "chirp" with was my cousins which was pointless. ANYWAY going through the motions, after years of dedicated service, and noticing the changes in service, I've finally decided to just drop them altogether. The shrinkage plan is just not worth it. Who waits 3+ years to pay for what was once 35 is now 40 bucks a month. Their text as ALWAYS been piss poor ever since the introduction of their androids, so many failed text sends and texts that just got lost along the wavelenght it isn't even funny. Restriction to the WORST degree on their android store (now google play). Pre-paid or not, you could NOT get even the FREE of popular apps and even worst the less than popular and probably not widely known wasn't even available. I remember a game I wanted to download because my friend told me about it, but couldn't get it because play didn't have it (due to boost restriction). The same with this manga reader I wanted.

THen their's the phone calls. After they launched their last phone with half-duplex communication, there were so many times that people complained to me that I never answered their phone calls, when in reality, I never recieved them; i lost count of that. It's still an ongoing problem currently and I can't deal with that. Even their use of 3G was garbage. Unlimited or not, after around 30-60 days of owning your new android phone, the internet would slow down considerably and even launching the browser would take literally an estimated 20 minutes. (yes I have counted the time). Though I think it's a problem with the hardware itself rather than the service...or both. I was fortunate enough to have to stop using them for reasons and come to a realization that with their iffy service, iffy customer service (it's a guessing game after you go through 10 digits of automated service) and the price it cost to use them, I said no. Initially the shrinkage plan did appeal to me and made me love boost, but waiting 3+ years just to pay the now 40 dollars a month is not worth it. And though their the few of a dying breed of pre-paid plans that offer UNLIMITED data, I'm content with cheaper plans from other services and just using the Wi-Fi for data.

Though there is one good thing about them that I will say. Excluding the models of 2013 and late 2012, their phones were suprisingly sturdy as I could use them for a good long while with the way I handled them (until I lost the phone lol). I wonder how these new "thinner" models will handle under Boost not to mention good phones with questionable service. Especially considering some of their models, most prominently the SIII has 4G/LTE