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Thread: Disney F-08D Unlock Help/Advice

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    Unhappy Disney F-08D Unlock Help/Advice

    Hello, I am new to the forum and glad to be apart of it! I first off want to start this thread by saying that I got a Disney F-08D about a week ago from a friend of mine in Japan who sent it as a birthday gift. He stated that before he sent it that he did indeed unlock it at the Docomo store in Japan before shipping it out to me. When I received it, I did not have a readily available micro sim to check that validity until now. I purchased a prepaid sim through Net 10 and had it cut to a micro sim size. Once inserted, it gave me the dreaded Sim Network unlock PIN message assuring me that this phone is indeed still locked. I even tried a friends mico sim from his Iphone and same message. Looking at the status in the android setting menu it clearly states sim lock is active. So after reading numerous threads, I do know that DOCOMO does unlock there phones at the store for a fee and proof of ownership. I also know that since this is a micro sim phone, that hypersims are not available. My big question is are there any soft unlocks out there for this model and or is there an unlock code at the store that they can give my friend if I give them the IMEI number? Also, would upgrading to ICS 4.0.3 before unlocking do anything to the phone?

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    I can't really help you but it is strange to hear that a newer model will have problems with the SIM lock after it's been officially unlocked. Older models required that a Docomo SIM be inserted in the phone after entering the unlock code for the process to be completed (or maybe that was only valid for Sharp Docomos), but newer models like the one you have don't require this.

    The phone asking you for a SIM Network PIN is strange too. But again I am only talking about Sharps, not 100% sure if it is the same with other brands. If you put a foreign SIM in a locked Docomo you'll see a message telling you "this SIM cannot be used" or "USIM MEP", but never an option to actually enter the unlock code.

    The menu to enter the unlock code is usually hidden and can be opened by dialling a special key combination.

    That said, your friend should have tried a non-Docomo SIM with the phone before shipping it. Now you'll most probably need to send it back to him.

    Android upgrades do not change the status of the SIM lock.
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    Hello, not sure whether I am not too late to reply, but I will do so anyway, in order this helps anybody else who encounters the same problem as I did.

    I own myself a NEC N-03E Disney Docomo phone, and recall quite well what a fright I had the day I received it, after ordering it unlocked by docomo, SIM lock free. I am pretty sure I had the exact same problem as you do. I would suggest you took off the sim card and turn on the phone. Then, go into "Settings" > "Security" > Something like "Set up SIM card lock". I remember that this option was, by default, turned on when I received my phone, so that I had to turn it off first before putting my own SIM card in. So yes, basically, turn this SIM card lock off before trying to put once again your SIM card in the phone. I hope the problem is the same and that you will be able to resolve it quickly, if not done already.

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