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Thread: is a SCAM. Don't buy there

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    0 is a SCAM. Don't buy there


    I want to tell you my experience with the online store to warn you and prevent you from buying there.

    On April 17th (almost three months ago) I made an order at ​​to buy the smartphone UMI X2 , which was still a month or so ago from being available.

    On May 24th they sent me an email claiming that the gray model was available and that they could send it if I accepted but I would have to wait a couple of days more if I wanted the white one (which I had ordered). I replied saying I'd rather wait and I expected them to send it within a week at the latest.

    But weeks gone by and I had no news of them. So on June 16th I sent them an email asking if they had finally shipped my phone. They replied saying that they had supply problems (which I believed after searching a bit on the Internet) and asking me to change the smartphone model to an Iocean X7. Seeing that the phones were similar and tired of waiting, I replied accepting the offer. They replied two days later, confirmed the change and ensured that they would send the Iocean X7 in the next days.

    Since that day (June 23) I have not heard a word from I sent them 6 emails to different addresses and there is no way to get a response to know what has happened with my order. To make matters worse, since the dispute has taken more than 45 days, I am no longer able to complain to PayPal and cancel my order.

    Three months after I paid $300 I am without a phone, without my money and with no explanation! That's why you should not buy at

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    Sorry to hear about your experience, but that is a risk when dealing with overseas shippers. They have no accountability and you can't sue them.

    Did you use a credit card when you made the order? You might be able to dispute it through your CC company if you did.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, might prevent someone else from getting scammed by them in the future.
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