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Thread: Can you reassign port numbers on AT&T's MicroCell by Cisco?

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    Can you reassign port numbers on AT&T's MicroCell by Cisco?

    My MicroCell (MC) and Ooma VOIP both use ports 123 UDP and 443 TCP and since my voice is breaking up using my iPhone5 over the MC, D-LINK who makes my router (DIR-655) suggests I see if I can change the port numbers on either the MC or Ooma so there is no duplication of devices on any port.

    Ooma can't be changed.

    Can I log into the MC and change the port numbers?


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    Unfortunately, no. There are no configuration settings available to the user.

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    D-Link is talking silly talk, that's the router's job to track those ports. Web pages all use port 80 and 443 afterall :P

    Try another router, I'm going to recommend the MikroTik RB750GL -

    Note this is NOT a wireless router, you'll need to add wireless access point(s). I recommend the Ubiquiti UniFi AP's or UniFi Pro AP's right now - really nice product!

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