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Thread: AIO Wireless - My Review

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    Talking AIO Wireless - My Review

    I had mentioned in the first AIO Thread that I would try out AIO Service. Now, I have. I've also utilized AT&T's $60/2gb goPhone plan. So, I have a fair point of comparison.

    AIO - Pros:
    1. Unlimited 3G data after throttle
    2. Great customer service ($15 refund and credit due to small issues)
    3. Lenient data policy

    AIO - Cons
    1. No outside numbers allowed (area code ports)
    2. Throttled "high speed" data

    GoPhone - PRos:
    1. Treated as an AT&T postpaid consumer (I got mailed two free replaccemnets of my Galaxy S4)
    2. Unthrottled access to AT&T Network

    GoPhone - Cons:
    1. Small amount of data
    2. Higher monthly cost

    As you can see, there really isn't any difference between them, except the unlimited data on AIO. A word, here. It's actually unlimited. Beyond tethering and torrenting, there aren't any limits past the high speed allotment. If you're like me, and are wondering what the backend differences between them were, I'll do my best to explain. For instance... I have LTE. it's generally 12-18 mbps on AT&T branded plans. On this plan, it's capped at 8. Ping times and uploads still remain almost the same! Speaking with an AT&T official, there aren't any differences with how customers are treated on the network. I get much better HSPA reception than 4 other Straight Talk users, just like on GoPhone.This points to a higher subscriber priority for AT&T subscribers.

    A word on the APN settings. I added them myself, initially. However, they actually sent me a network update with all of the correct settings within 30 minutes of activation. The major difference between this and the "phone" APN appears to be that the APN is ndo vs phone. MMS is routed through AIO servers. APN type for AIO reads the same as AT&T - default,supl,hipri.

    So, any questions, feel free to ask! I want to start a lively discussion about it. Also, if you want me to get you a SIM, I'm happy to get one for you. Be warned, you'll need a new number!
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