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Thread: Signed a contract, and somehow credits gained an expiry date

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    Signed a contract, and somehow credits gained an expiry date

    Hey guys
    i have nothing against expiry dates
    i have nothing against 3 year contracts

    But I never had expiry dates on my credits.
    Somehow, after signing a 3 year contract, my credits gained an expiry date.
    But thats not the problem...the problem is that the credits expire in 2 months (when the original contract was supposed to end)

    I wouldn't make this thread if the credits were ending when my new contract is ending (June 2015), but somehow I feel ripped off. Is there any recourse in any of this? The phone is way past 14 days, and well past 30 minute mark.
    Like I said, i have nothing against 3 year contracts and expiry dates on credits.

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    Those credits probably always had an expiration date (generally the end of the contract but not always), you just didn't know it. Typically you need to renegotiate your credits every time you get a new phone or just plans to keep them. Your best bet is to call retentions and see if they can renew your credits for your new term.

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