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Thread: Tuition Breaks for Illegals

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    Question Tuition Breaks for Illegals

    On this edition, we talk about the fight between pensioners and the folks who want to hang on to Detroit's assets like the DIA collection. Should art be sacrificed to make sure city workers have a retirement? Is that even a choice the city should have to make? Manny Lopez from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy joins us to talk about it, along with Metro Times News Editor Curt Guyette. Bankruptcy Attorney Kelly Nigohsian gives us a perspective on what Federal Judge Steven Rhodes might do.

    Plus, the University of Michigan Board of Regents has voted to give the in-state tuition rate to illegal (or undocumented, if you prefer) immigrants. That's a discount of about $27,000. Is that fair to other students who are U.S. citizens? Michael Stroud, the co-chair of the Michigan College Republicans says it's not. But Kevin Mersol-Barg from the Coalition for Tuition Equality thinks the move is overdue.

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    Sounds like a good debate.

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