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Thread: Sprint iPhone on prepaid?

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    Sprint iPhone on prepaid?

    I purchased a iPhone 4 on Sprint very extremely cheap. I currently have an HTC Evo on Ting that I'd like to replace with the iPhone but unfortunately seems iPhones are able to port over to Ting. What alternatives to Sprint do I have? Or any? I'm looking for the cheapest rate around as it is only a phone for when I'm in the states (I'm from Canada).

    If I can't move from Sprint. What is the way prepaid works? Do I have to keep paying every month? I kinda like only paying 6 bucks a month to keep the number active.

    I suppose I can move over to Page Plus.

    I have to stop complaining about slow HSPA speeds on Telus. Sprint customers have it bad with only EVDO data speeds in some places/only on the iPhones 4/4S

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    It sounds like you know the scoop.... sprint mvnos like Ting are 'trying' to get byosd iphones, but not happening yet, for whatever silly Sprint reasoning....

    It appears that using a Sprint iPhone on PagePlus is fairly well worked out, as you intimate....

    Otherwise just sell the thing and buy a GSM or Verizon iphone and then problem is solved.

    Prepaid? Works in several different ways depending on carrier and plan. For example PagePlus has either monthly prepaid plans where you pay monthly (e.g. $12 or $30, etc) and you get a bundle of v/t/d, or you can do pay as you go, put $10, $25, etc into the account and then use services until that amount runs out or expires (120 days but rolls over if you refilll). Tmo also has those types of prepay but also has per day plan, $2/day gets you unlimited v/t/d and you pay only if you use something that day.

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