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    Smile Samsung Galaxy Centura

    I have never had any kind of smart-phone before - but am going to try it out through Walmart's straight talk plan. For the money ($99) Do any of you have any info/advice/opinions on the Centura?

    Thanks so much - I really appreciate any and all information!

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    Well, this is a few months after your original post but here goes....

    I bought this phone on Thanksgiving night at Walmart since they had it on a 1 hour sale for $30.

    I have really mixed feelings.

    For $30 I couldn't beat the price and I was lucky enough to get the last one that they actually had in the store.

    I am starting to wonder now if they didn't have a major sale on it due to trying to get rid of a bunch due to over production.

    I have had the phone for about 2 months now and as a basic phone it is adequate. It does all of the bare minimums of what it is supposed to do but once I started putting a few more apps on it the performance started to take a hit. After I saw that I decided to root the phone [with Poot from the Marketplace] and I installed and CPU Saver app to boost CPU usage. Initially that really helped but only for a few weeks.

    Because this is an entry level phone I purposely decided not to load it up with a lot of the apps that I used on previous phones; however, I am now to the point that during minimal use like web browsing [using Chrome] or listening to Pandora or flipping between texts, Pandora, email or Facebook that the phone frequently freezes to the point that I just have to hold in the power button and force a reboot. I am also in the practice of killing any apps that I am finished using so that they are no longer running in the background so I should have to force these reboots.

    I have also had intermittent issues with it retaining my custom ringtones and notifications. Rather than using the ones on my SD Card it will occasionally flip back over to using the default phone ringers and notifications.

    This morning I noticed that my wife's alarm went off before mine did, which should not have been the case. When I woke up to her 7am alarm instead of my 6am alarm, I grabbed my phone to find that the time had frozen at 1:01am. Other apps were still running but the clock stopped. After I opened another unrelated app to see if the phone was still working at all then the time corrected to the right time.

    I wish that I would have done my research fully before buying the phone and maybe spent the extra money for a more robust phone like one of the ZTE phones in my Market.

    It isn't a bad phone but I suggest to anyone who buys it to not add many more apps than the base apps that come pre-installed on it.
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