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Thread: In the city, SINR is dreadfully slow...VL600 + mbr95... Verizon is oversaturate here?

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    In the city, SINR is dreadfully slow...VL600 + mbr95... Verizon is oversaturate here?

    Nashville, TN.

    Some towers I pull 40mbps+ from my cellphone (mainly ones on the side of the interstate...)

    I recently set-up a directional Yagi from Wilson on my balcony, a 4th floor unit. Found the tower about a 1.5 miles away (I believe some are closer but on the other side of the large commercial structure).

    Can a lot of wi-fi networks ruin a connection? I see a ton in and around my complex.

    I also tried an Omni antenna which received similar speeds but the SINR and RSSI were worse.

    I'm getting -39 rssi but only an SINR of 4. (????)

    I did try the setup with an amp, the Cellmate 32db one, but it didn't seem to do much for speeds. It gave me -7 rssi when all downlink switches were turned off.

    Around peak time when people get home from work until midnights speeds suck. We're talking often under < 2mbps. yet at like 3am i'm pulling 20+mbps down.

    So long story short why is my signal strength so poor???

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    I went to Nashville a few months ago and I didn't have poor signal problems but I noticed speeds where slow like 3/8 at full bars so something is definitely up there. It's like this throughout murfessboro, Brentwood etc.

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