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Thread: AT&T samsung galaxy s2 APN settings for Straight Talk

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    AT&T samsung galaxy s2 APN settings for Straight Talk

    I have tried all the settings I can find and none of them are working. I am about ready to switch back to AT&T just to be able to send pics and get on the net. NEED HELP!!

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    Did you purchase an at&t or a T-mobile SIM card?

    If your not sure the last 3 on a at&t SIM are 4MB. T-mobile SIM's end with 5MB.

    If you have a T-mobile SIM you will need to unlock your GS 2 but it may be a lot easier and have better compatibility to purchase an at&t SIM from ST.

    If you have an at&t SIM card let us know what APN settings you have tried and are using now.
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