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Thread: AT&T charges a fee when you change to another rate plan?

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    AT&T charges a fee when you change to another rate plan?

    I'm a little confused about the FAQ section for AT&T GoPhone:
    Q: Can a GoPhone subscriber change to another rate plan, and is there a charge for that change?
    A: GoPhone subscribers may change plans at any time. The first rate plan change request will be processed at no charge.

    Based on that, it appears that AT&T charges a fee when you change to another rate plan... only the first change is free? Am I reading that correctly?

    I was on the $40 plan and switched to the $60 unlimited plan. (which is my first change) If I change to the 25-cent/day plan(putting the same SIM in a basic flip phone)... will they charge me a fee?

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    I never encountered the charge for changing plans. Just do it at the end of the 30 days. Do it in the middle of the 30 days and you will eat the remainder of the month, they kill your old plan immediately and you have to have the funds available for the new one. Maybe that is the fee they are talking about.

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    I think what this was covering [before monthly plans] is switching for PAYGO to x$/day plans. Switch from $2/day to PAYGO and back to $2/day in the same day and it would charge you for the second switch to $2/day.

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    As far as I can tell from my experience, ATT does not enforce the rule about charging a fee if you change GoPhone plans more than once. So don't worry about that. But here is some stuff (quoted from the GoPhone "Plan Terms" document) that is enforced and that you should worry about:

    "Applicable rate plan charge for your selected plan is not refundable, and any unused services are forfeited if you change to another rate plan during the 30-day plan period. The day you add the plan is counted as a full day and counts towards the 30 days."

    That quoted stuff means that, even if you change your rate plan on the last day of your 30-day period, you will be double-charged for one day of service. The following example illustrates what I'm talking about. The 30th day of Joe Customer's 30-day plan period is July 4. On July 4, Joe changes from plan A to plan B. Joe is double-charged for July 4 because that day is counted as both the last full day of plan A and the first full day of plan B.
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