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Before I start- I'm having trouble unlocking Ericsson ca-638 and ch-668 (haven't tracked down any 700 series yet) so if anyone has any insight on how to do this, please PM me. I've tried 4 different types of data cables and about 20+ unlocking apps with no success
No luck either with unlocking my ch-337. Although for this one, I'd have to re-flash the EEPROM as I accidentally hit the "Yes" button to the flash option when in service mode bricking it (I believe the app to use is called "EMMA"- There's the install "shell" to which you have to install an "installer application" for each phone you want to service. Both apps I don't have.)

The following will show you how to unlock the GSM 1900MHz Ericsson CA-318, CH-388, and CF-388.

What you need

For this unlock you just need the RS-232 (serial) data-cable and unlocking app. The unlocking app suite is called “Universal Simlock Remover 1.09” (USR). Download here:
The data-cable you can buy here:

Or the multi-cable version:

Or from this user on eBay: (eBay item number: 111153240701- user “trading_trader” )
Note: I believe this eBay cable to be the same as the multi-one from GSM-Technology but don’t hold me to this.

If you don’t want to buy the cable, here are the pin-outs to make your own:

You’ll need a laptop\desktop with a Serial port, running Win98 or XP. I suggest a dual boot of Win98 and XP especially if you’re going to unlock other phones as some of these unlocking apps only work in Win98 and vice versa with XP. Personally, I use a Dell Latitude C610 (P3 1.2GHz) but have also used a Dell Optiplex GX280 (P4 2.8GHz).

How to Unlock

Make sure the phone is off, no SIM card is inserted, connect it to the laptop\desktop, and fire up the USR app. You’ll see a whole bunch of apps but go to “Ericsson”, click the little plus and choose “Ericsson Service Software v1.7” and hit “Start”.

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Check the “Clear SP Lock”, make sure Com1 is selected, and then click “Make selected jobs” button.

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You’ll then be asked to hit the “No” button on the phone, or to turn the phone on, but what you’re really doing is allowing the app to get the phone into service mode. If it doesn’t work at first you may have to try a few times to get the timing right but it’s pretty easy to do.
If it worked you’ll see in the “Program status messages” screen that the phone has been unlocked successfully.

That’s it! You just unlocked your Ericsson CA-318, CH-388, or CF-388!

More guides to come