How to Unlock your Cell Phone! Full Tutorial, FAQ's, & Benefits.

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Whether you're traveling abroad, want to switch carriers, or simply raise the re-seller value of your phone- unlocking your cell phone is by far the most beneficial thing you can do for your phone!

The whole process only takes a few steps, is incredibly easy, and can be done from your own home or office ~

Let's begin!!


Retrieve your phones 15 or 17 digit "IMEI" number, by simply typing *#06# into your phones dial-pad. Essentially what this is is your phones serial number, and is specific to only our cell phone.


Head over to and enter your phones:


Should only take a couple minutes. We will than forward that information to the manufacturer of your cell phone and they will send it back to us. Delivery time depends on the phone but it is usually very quick.


Power on your cell phone with any non-accepted sim card inside, IE. a sim card that belongs to a different carrier than that of your phone. (it doesn't have to be activated and can be either post paid or prepaid) Once booted, your phone will recognize the foreign sim card, and will immediately prompt you for the Unlock code.

Finally, type the unlock code into your phone using the dial-pad, (double check to ensure it's correct) press enter, and a box will pop up alerting you the code accepted.

And WALLA!!! 100% Unlocked!

You can now use your phone on any carrier you choose!

Need a few more reasons to unlock your phone?? Here's some of the main FAQ's and benefits for you to sink your teeth into!


-Travel overseas without paying for roaming
-Switch to a cheaper pre-paid network and save money
-Don't have to purchase a new phone if you switch network providers
-Raise the value of your phone by almost 50%
-Never be tied down to a contract again if you don't want to
-Switch sim cards as many times as you like


-Your phone will never re-lock
-It's completely legal
-It doesn't void the warranty or harm the phone in any way
-You can update or restore after unlocking
-Requires no technical knowledge
-Codes are 100% guaranteed

These are just a few of the many benefits! If you'd like to see more FAQ's or benefits we have a full list on our website you can check out.

SO! That just about sums it up. Thank you for reading our tutorial!

If you have any questions or just want to look around, we are open 24/7 and are ready to help you unlock your phone.

We hope to hear from you soon!