got to the step where I would have to choose Wipe data but the menu never appeared. It tried ! An installer appeared and it looked like it was working but never saw the menu. I did see a yellow triangle but not a menu and the phone would not completely turn on.

See instructions: 1. Turn the power off.
2. Press and hold the three keys simultaneously until the phone
completely turns on, then release the keys: Volume down key + Home key +
Power key.
3. There are four options that will display on the screen. Select the
"Wipe Data/Factory Reset" option by using the Volume down key.
4. Press the MENU key to execute the reset.
5. A confirmation will prompt on the screen. Use the Volume key to
select "YES" and press the MENU key
6. Highlight "Reboot System Now" and press the MENU key.
7. Your phone will reset then power cycle.