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Thread: Task killer?

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    Task killer?

    So I got a question I used to use the lg ally enlighten Motos and Htc phones which didn't really come with task killer so my question is now with the galaxy 3 and others does a phone like LG Optimus F3 have the task killer feature how the Galaxy one does? Just curious I am interested in going back to android I'm just curious the differences now a days.

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    Most android phones now a days have there own built in task killer, and second aftermarket task killers are harmful to your device

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    yup. don't bother with a task killer because android doesn't need it. task killers actually make your battery life worse because there are many processes which start up again after they're killed, so a task killer means that there are many wasted cpu cycles involved in killing them.
    many of the background processes shown are simply cached so they're not using up any cpu cycles

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