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Thread: I want to unlock the Xperia docomo phone

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    I want to unlock the Xperia docomo phone

    I want to unlock the Xperia docomo phone.
    I find the thread that said Docomo will unlock the phone but I don't know that it is still up-to-date or not.

    I'm wondering if the phone is Shiro-rom, will Docomo shop unlock the phone for me?
    The phone is Sony Xperia SO4E Hatsune Miku Edition.

    And which Docomo shop I can go to? I will be stay in Ikebukuro (Near the Ikebukuro JR Station)
    And what should I told them when I'm at the Docomo shop.
    And, did I have to bring anything else [Other than the phone and the money.]? like passport.

    And I'm tourist not the resident (don't have alien registration).

    Thank you for all answers.

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    Just now saw your post... Guess can't be helpful anymore...

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