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Sprint SERO 500 Plan!

Send offer. I'll close out on Sunday evening to highest bidder. Final payment via Paypal.

$30/Month for 500 min, Unlimited Data, Text & Picture Mail!Without Contract & Eligible for Phone Credit Now!

Up for auction is a grandfathered Sprint SERO 500 plan. This plan is no longer available for new customers. But I can transfer the control of the account to you so you can take full advantage of this great deal!

Plan details:
This is a great plan for $30 per month (+ tax, of course!)! You will get all the following:
500 Anytime Minutes
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Picture Mail
Unlimited Weekend Minutes
Unlimited Night Minutes starting at 7pm
This $30/month plan currently only works with a limited number of smart phones (Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Samsung Exclaim, Palm Centro etc.). If you prefer, you can upgrade to the $40/month plan to use with most 3G Android and Windows smart phones. If you upgrade to the $50/month plan, then you can use any iPhone or 4G Android smart phones (HTC one, Samsung note, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, iPhone4, iPhone5 etc.).

Transfer procedure:
After you win the auction and payment is received, we will have a short three-way phone call with Sprint customer care to complete the transfer through a process called TOL (transfer of liability). It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes of your time.

Please note: In order to be eligible for this transfer, you must already have a SERO, EPRP, SERP plan or being a Sprint employee. You're advised to sign up for one of the above-mentioned plans if you don't have one now.