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Thread: Recommendation on a feature phone with QWERTY keyboard

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    Recommendation on a feature phone with QWERTY keyboard

    I'm close to paying the ETF for my 4 lines on Sprint and moving to T-Mobile. My wife and I would be getting new iPhones, but my kids don't need smartphones yet. They're heavy texters, so I'm looking for any recommendations on QWERTY sliders for T-Mobile. I've looked at the Sparq II online, but some of the reviews on amazon make me hesitant.

    My essential requirements are:
    - QWERTY keyboard.
    - Not smartphone (at 13 and 11, they already have iPods).
    - Doesn't need to be 4G, they're not heavy phone data users.
    - Somewhat durable. They're kids, they drop stuff.
    - Preferrably < $100 each.

    I've been looking at unlocked phones on amazon as well, but I'm not entirely sure what frequencies/bands I need to have them work on T-Mobile.


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    Get cases.

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    My wife has a T-Mobile-branded Samsung T379. Slider, 3G, phone keyboard outside/QWERTY inside, and it has hit the floor more times than I ever want to let T-Mo know. At this point the battery door sometimes flies off, but otherwise it's been a trooper. Would work fine on T-Mobile.

    [EDIT]I just hit Amazon to verify the T379's price fell within your guidelines (they do) and saw that there are a bunch of people unhappy with this phone. I have to say my wife has had hers for more than two years and we've never noticed the problem of switching off. It does occasionally display the "Emergency Calls Only" message, but I've been around computers of all kinds for too many years to worry about occasionally shutting down and restarting a computer to fix it.
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