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Thread: Mandatory Data Plan Question

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    Mandatory Data Plan Question

    Okay, I couldn't find a way to start a thread under "LTE" forum, this is the closest I could get to relevant.

    So, I never leave the house. Will be starting an at-home call center job using my Ticket to Work. I have no need for 1gb of data and have ATT's SUPPOSEDLY fastest DSL package and wifi. I just got an iphone with sprint b/c the deposit was only $50; with ATT it was $450 and T-mobile has ZERO coverage in my area!

    I do understand the reasons at least some data is mandatory for a smartphone, i.e. push data, accidental data charges fiascos, etc. BUT, I don't understand why there isnt something cheaper and smaller than 1gb/$20. Is there some sort of unadvertised plan? It seems that maybe 100mb would be enough for push messages, etc. I know it's possible, at least with the earlier iphones, to disable data all together. I talked to Sprint and they claimed I was on the "most economical package." They did NOT answer my question on whether there is in fact an unadvertised package.

    I ask this because when I worked at a Convergys call center for DirecTV, there was TONS of information only we knew and could not divulge unless asked directly. For instance, you can get pay-per-view credits up to $300 if you say "yes, I have a phone line connected to my receiver." Stuff like that. Bare-minimum packages that aren't known to the public, and lots of customer-retention options.

    So, any input? $70 a month seem like a lot when I'm not even going to utilize $20 of it.

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    I would into an 'MVNO' option. 'Mobile Virtual Network Operator' and there is a ton of options between MVNOs who use all the major carrier networks. If you want to use a current Sprint phone you own there are some who offer Sprint BYOD. Most MVNOs offer unlimited talk/text and minimal data for $20 - $30 last I checked?

    Ting has started activating iPhones, other MVNOs may follow as this has been restricted by Sprint.

    Here is the link to the general prepaid forum:

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    I would recommend calling Sprint, telling them about T-Mobile's newest promotion (where it'll buy out your ETF), and say you're considering leaving unless they can modify your plan. When you mention the "l" word, companies suddenly become a little more interested in what you have to say.

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