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Thread: More issues with BYOSD Blacklisting !!!Last Update from PrepaYd Wireless

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    Thumbs down More issues with BYOSD Blacklisting !!!Last Update from PrepaYd Wireless

    This email arrive from PrepaYd Wireless today:

    After further investigation on the Blacklist changes, we have been informed that the new Blacklist will take effect as of November 15, 2013 by 6pm Eastern Time. What does this mean for new, potential, and existing customers?

    Until removed from the Blacklist:

    1. You cannot activate or perform any ESN Changes to one of these Devices including any warranty replacements
    2. You cannot use BYOSP to convert Devices to PrepaYd or any other Sprint MVNO (PLBL) OR back to Sprint

    This means the following:

    • Devices currently active will be unaffected as long as you do not change Devices, port-out, or deactivate the number associated with the Device
    • You cannot activate these Devices on PrepaYd or any other Sprint MVNO that has these Devices on their Blacklist
    • PrepaYd and Sprint MVNOs are blacklisted from converting these Devices back to Sprint
    • You cannot Activate these Devices back on Sprint until they are removed from PLBL
    • Sprint Retail and Sprint Customer Service most likely will not be able to activate these Devices as they appear as belonging to one of Sprint’s MVNOs (PLBL) which are devices that cannot be activated on Sprint

    This puts these newly Blacklisted Devices in what we are calling a “Black Hole” Status when non-Active where Sprint where they will be unusable until manually sent to Sprint’s BYOSD Department to override the errors and manually convert back to Sprint.

    Knowing this potential risk we have developed and launched an Application for both our Dealers and Customers affected by this Black Hole scenario to submit their Blacklisted Devices to be removed from PLBL and converted back to Sprint by doing the following:
    - Go to to
    - Then go to the BYOSP Drop-Down Menu
    - Select Release Device to Sprint.
    -Enter the ESN that you need released back to Sprint

    This is a manual effort on both PrepaYd and Sprint and this process make take up to 3 business days for these Devices before these Devices can be re-Activated on Sprint. We appreciate the patience and understanding and all of the support we’ve received from our Dealers thus far and we’re hoping we can have these Devices approved for PrepaYd Activations again soon in the near future.

    This is the last update we got on this issue.

    Guess it may be more of a challenge to get these Devices back on Sprint. Easier to flash over to Big Red then to reuse it on sprint as they intend.


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    Dump sprint or any sprint based mvno and come to page plus. No 4g, but far better network in all other regards.

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