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Thread: Is it still possible to subscribe to native clearwire service?

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    Is it still possible to subscribe to native clearwire service?

    Update: I found the answer. Yes clearwire is still activating used clearwire devices through the end of 2013. "We will continue to activate used Clear devices until the end of this year. We do not activate new modem's anymore since we no longer sell Clear devices as of September 1, 2013." -clearwire representative

    So, Sprint just took control over Clearwire's network and assets. Now Sprint wont sell any of their clearwire unlimited mobile broadband products anymore.

    Does anybody know if 3rd party affiliates are still selling clearwire products (i.e. the brick and mortar 3rd party cell phone stores)? I don't live in a clearwire market, but I remember that all those low end affiliate stores were selling clearwire mobile hotspots and modems in clearwire markets.

    It appears the WiMAX network is riding into the sunset. It's reasonable to conclude that Sprint will try to migrate the unlimited clearwire modems to some kind of special unlimited Sprint LTE plan in the near future. I'm trying to acquire some unlimited clearwire plans before that endgame plays out.

    I was very successful when Centennial Wireless rode into the Verizon sunset. I acquired several unlimited dataplans during their endgame in 2011; turned out to be an excellent move. I'm thinking Sprint will be kind when migrating clearwire to Sprint LTE customers.
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