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Thread: Voicemail notificaiton

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    Voicemail notificaiton

    So a quick question that's annoying me since I signed up with tbaytel. When I was on Bell and Rogers, I got an actual voicemail notification on my phone whenever I got a voicemail. It stayed there until I cleared the new voicemail. With tbaytel, it seems they only send a text message. It's frustrating as a text can get lost in the shuffle, and I end up with 4 or 5 unheard voicemails before I notice.

    I'm on a Nexus 4. Is there anything I can do on my end, or tbaytel can change on my account to get this to work?

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    What I dislike is receiving a text after listening to the messages. Benefit is it does give you notification if someone was in your mailbox.

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