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Thread: ESN swap to keep unlimited data no longer an option?

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    ESN swap to keep unlimited data no longer an option?

    Walmart was giving out $100 gift cards for Galaxy phones this weekend and a friend went there for a GS3. She had unlimited data on her line and wanted to use her son's upgrade (he has a basic phone). The Walmart guy did the upgrade on her son's line and called Verizon afterwards to perform the ESN swap. According to my friend, the Walmart guy said he was told by Verizon that even though the upgrade was done on her son's line, her line would go from having unlimited data to 6 GB because of the ESN swap. Is this something new, or did the Walmart or Verizon employee mess something up or lie?

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    They might of messed up. The basic line is the one doing the contract renewal. Alternatively you can activate the S3 on the basic line, pick the 2GB data option then go online on your account and switch it to the main line and put the basic phone back to the second line. It will remove the data plan on the second line.

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