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Thread: SIM not provisioned MM #2

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    SIM not provisioned MM #2

    I just got the SIM card in the mail for the new AT&T Galaxy S4 that I'm getting ready to put on Straight Talk.

    I put the SIM card inside the slot and I get the message "SIM not provisioned MM #2". Is this what they normally say until you call to get them activated?

    Can I go ahead and activate the SIM card before porting the number and adding the 45.00 plan or do I need to wait until I'm ready to actually move the phone from PagePlus?


    ETA: Nevermind. I see I need to do it all at once i.e. activating the SIM is the same as activating the phone. I was thinking the SIM would be the same type material as a micro SD card. It looks like the SIM is just heavy cardboard which is interesting.
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