Hello I have a Kyocera S2300 ("Loft") with payLo.

Up until recently, I've been able to check my Yahoo, AOL, Gmail accounts on it but in the past week it has been giving an error about Connection timed out despite having a strong signal.

I noticed they don't list this model as compatible anymore, did they block it off their TCP/IP gateway or whatever? If so losing this app is a BIG bummer :/

Edit: Also the "Connect" app which I used to add RSS feeds (which worked even without a data plan) sits at a "Connecting / One moment please" screen with a continual set of icons on top indicating connection attempts over and over until after 2 minutes it just says "network unavailable. please try again." I think this app also had limited Facebook feed viewing too.

The My Account page still works, so its still accessing the internal network of sorts. Managed to load the store which downloads 200kB of data in under 30 seconds.