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Thread: Helping parents upgrade an archaic phone

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    Question Helping parents upgrade an archaic phone

    So for Christmas I had the bright idea to upgrade my parents to a new phone, likely a iPhone 4S or 5/5S. They have not been on a contract for at least a few years and are currently on a family plan with 2 phones for approx $80/mo. Their cell phone is so old as it's a Moto V360 (yes, it really is) and they need to get into the new technology. My mom is totally onboard with the idea.

    So here are the Q's:

    - Do I negotiate/find the deal for the cell phone first?

    - Can I get the corporate plan (my mom works for the city) so is she eligible for the CORP350 like I have?

    - Since they are without a contract can that be negotiated as part of the deal since they can walk right now to another carrier? If so, how do I go about doing it (CSR over the phone vs in-store)

    - Do I wait until Boxing Day? (parents are willing to wait if we can get a good deal)

    thx in advance...

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    If your parents are already on Rogers,, you can call retentions to negotiate the price of a phone. Do this first.
    If your mom works for the city, YES she can switch to the corporate plan. She just may need the MSD code.
    You can try negotiating a new plan since they are month to month right now but be forewarned that all the plans that they will be offered will be around $70 if they want data.
    The city plan your mom can get will be $50 plus tax voice and data.
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