I got an update to my 4.3 update on my S4, and no big deal it downloaded, rebooted and all was well. Or, so I thought. I soon discovered that I can't picture message, and I can't group message. Both of which I do very frequently. I called Sprint support three times. The first time the helpful person told me that she reset my profile on the network, and that should fix it. IT DIDN'T! The second time I called, the REALLY nice gal on the phone was playing with someone at the call center WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH HER. They were going back and forth about something I heard "stop it! I've got a call" giggle giggle, but she suggested I soft reboot the phone and told me that it looks like I was recently reset on the network so all should be good. NOPE! The third time I called, I learned that the MK2 update had 'known issues' and that could be what was causing the problems. I was politely told that there was nothing anyone can do until Samsung releases a 'fix'.

It was suggested that I do a factory reset, and then just wait for the updates. I know that the reset wiped the entire phone, I'm concerned about backing up my info. My phone numbers and contacts synchronize with my office computer via Outlook. If I back up my photos and other junk that is on my phone will my phone and contacts come back when I re-sync?

Furthermore, is anyone else having weird issues with the update on the S4 or Android for that matter?