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    Blu Phones

    I bought the Alcatel 356 for my wife but when unpacking it I realized the buttons are way too small (and numerous) for just calling out. After surfing the web I found the Blue Aria on Ebay. It's about $25 for the unlocked, dual sim phone that works on Speak out wireless. Shipping was kinda expensive to Canada ($16) but it was shipped almost instantly and I had tracking numbers in the US and Canada. It works great and it's cheap!

    So you can pick this up in your US travels at big box retailers for around $25 and put $25 on it that's good for a year. Now that's a cheap phone for my wife's car since she refuses to get a cell phone for herself.

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    I think that you have to research a bit more, that's because one of the main characteristics of BLU phones is that its devices are factory unlocked, that means that you have to pay nothing to unlock a device from this brand in theory. Also, the model that you mentioned isn't one of the latest.

    Bear in mind that BLU is a new brand and its latest models are coming with better specs than the earlier ones, but always with an affordable price. Thus, its advisable to find between its newer handsets to get a better value for the price, is kind of an evolution of the brand.

    Take care.

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