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Thread: Selectel Wireless complaint

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    Selectel Wireless complaint

    Below is an excerpt of the complaint against Selectel Wireless that I have opened with the BBB. I wanted to put this out there so hopefully no one else will have to go through what I did. I am now a happy Straight Talk Wireless customer.

    Continue to be charged after cancelled auto-pay.
    I have asked Selectel Wireless to cancel my auto-pay 3 separate times. Each time I have continued to be charged.

    The first time I changed from a $30 per month plan to the $40 per month plan. However, I was charged both for the $30 plan and then the $40 plan the next month. The next time I was charged twice for the $40 plan in the same month. They told me that they had cancelled my $40 auto-pay and than the extra charge would be applied to the following month. However, the next month I was charged $40 again. Finally I cancelled my service with Selectel Wireless in mid December 2013. I again told the customer service representative to cancel my auto-pay. I was assured I would not be charged again. However, today on my new phone with my new cell phone carrier, I received a text from Selectel informing me that I was charged again! I called to receive a refund and was told that I had to give them my credit card # in order to get a refund. I was never asked to do this before. I told them that I will need to be assured in writing that I will not be charged again. I do not know if they will comply.

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    Seems more like an inexperienced employee messing up than Selectel itself. Do you call the 1-877 number or call a Store number that is available on their website? Ive found that when dealing with problems with the service you have a better time calling one of the stores and telling them your problem than the 1-877 number. Every store is able to open/view/edit your account.

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